Welcome to the 225th Marine Strike Group

The 225th MSG, also known as "DedEx" is the marine component of the USS BortaS.

Unit Number:
Unit Name:
Unit Type:
Unit Motto:
"When it absolutely, positively has to be blown up by 10 AM..."
Unit Officer-In-Charge:
GEN Michael McGowan, SFMC
Unit Deputy Officer-In-Charge:
LTC Faith Steinberg, SFMC
Unit Status:
Unit Disposition:
Deployed - USS BortaS - BB(SCS)-74211

The 225th comprises the bulk of the crew of the USS BortaS, so by and large, the operations of the USS BortaS are also those of DedEx.

We have a great deal of fun as well as community service. Look around, see if you like what you see. If so, contact us to join up.


News Notes:

Congratulations Julie McGowan on her promotion to Major General!

DedEx Unit Patches are now available for purchase. Interested parties should contact General McGowan



The 225th Marine Strike Group is the Headquarters Unit for the following offices:

STARFLEET Marine Corps
SFMC Commandant
SFMC 12th Brigade